It is really a wonder to think that about 100 years ago when all women across the subcontinent were being crushed under by the evil forces of the traditional society, Muslim women in particular, Begum Rokeya, despite having no formal school education showed her character of foresight and strong will. She felt that only female education could emancipate the women from the curses of illiteracy and others. She put her entire endeavor to make her long cherished dream of establishing a school of high standard true.
Against all odds our school was established in 1911. Begum Rokeya dreamt of smart, strong, educated women who would carry equal importance and responsibility as men in the society. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to this great soul for getting the privilege to study in her dream school.
Now we, the all alumni, are settled in different spheres of life keeping our heads high, thanks to the values, self belief, and zeal for excellence taught here with utmost care apart from traditional education. Its formal alumni association was initiated in 1997 under patronage  and inspiration of the then Head Mistress Smt.Leena Sengupta ,teacher Smt. Meera Sengupta and Smt. Santana Chowdhury. Its first President was Late Nurunnesa Begum, our favourite Noorbaji, an ex-student and ex- teacher. In 1999, the association became registered as:SAKHAWAT MEMORIAL GOVT. GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (SMGGHSAA)
The aim of the Alumni Association is to keep alive in the hearts of the alumni, memories of school, its ideals and values. Among our existing members, there are – medical practitioners (Physicians and Surgeons), scientists, engineers, eminent teachers, lawyers, well known exponent of different discipline of arts (performing and non-performing), and others who have excelled in their respective fields of activities in the country and abroad.
 2010 will be the centenary year of our dear school and for that 2009 is going to be the preparatory years. With a view to make the centenary year most unforgettable, no stone will be left unturned. Needless to say, no program can see a success without our collective contribution. For this Alumni Association seeks your help in locating the missing alumni who are not in contact with us.
There is another separate Alumni Association of  Sakhawat Memorial in Dhaka , Bangladesh. They celebrated 90 years of the school and our members were invited in Dhaka also.
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